Monday, December 1, 2008

Euphoria Diet Pt3

Spinner changed now. The Tru-Turn 3-3/8"dia spinner with adaptor weighs 121g, while the 82mm dia TY-1 with standard YS prop nut weighs 77g. That's another 44g off. Total so far 66g. Should now be just under 5kg.

Still haven't worked out what battery to use. No real urgency though. I just need to fly the thing and check the CG now that I've taken 44g off the nose of the model.

We've got the last comp for the year this weekend at P&DARCS. This marks 10 years of flying pattern for me! Yep, P&DARCS in Dec 1998 was my first comp using my 3rd hand (or 4th hand, can't remember) "ACE" with a Hanno 61 engine. It took me 5 years to get my Masters ranking, acheiving the milestone at P&DARCS 2003.

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