Sunday, January 11, 2009

New 50cc Gasser

I've recently finished a Hanger 9 "Carden Yak" and have been flying it quite a bit over the holidays. It's a 50cc ARF built by Hanger 9 whilst designed by Carden. Normally a Carden kit comes as a box of balsa sticks and foam cores; I much prefer the ARF option!

I'm running a DA50 with a MTW cannister muffler, JR 2.4G radio, Futaba 9156's on elevators and Hitec 5955TG's on aileron/rudder. I'm trying Fromeco "Iron Corps" batteries for the first time: these are lithium phosphate (generally called A123 cells) and you don't need a regulator as they stay almost constant at 6.6v. I have two 2400 mAh packs powering the flight surfaces with a Fromeco dual switch handling the battery load / redundancy. They are quite a heavy pack, and not really suitable for F3A but perfect for this type of model. And they charge fast.

The model flies great, with a good envelope for sequence and 3D. It's quite good to practice the P09 schedule - a bit slow but it makes you work hard to keep it on line and tracking well. 3D is not my forte but is great fun with this little beastie!

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